About Me

Hey everyone!  My name is Carson Morby.  I live in Utah and have a passion for cooking, especially BBQ.  Stay tuned to this blog for great recipe ideas for BBQ and other creations. 

My family lives in Cache Valley, Utah, where we enjoy time outdoors, and life in the open country. We’ve always had chickens, and I’ve always had a passion for outdoor cooking. That’s where the name “Yolk & Smoke” came from. Though my site ironically doesn’t have a ton of egg dishes, curiosity for new ideas to cook eggs played a huge part in molding my culinary journey.

Here in Utah we aren’t exactly known for our BBQ, but it is something that the Utah BBQ Community is working hard on.  We love our BBQ!  A great feature in Utah BBQ is that it is a melting pot of so many different states, countries and regions.  We get people from all over the world leaving their footprint on Utah BBQ. 

One of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is find ways to reunite food culture from around the world with the most primitive culinary tool in the world… fire!

I hope you all enjoy my take on BBQ, Farmhouse, and outdoor cooking.

Carson Morby
Yolk & Smoke